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You are Looking for a Business Partner Focused on Technology to Represent your Business Interests

In order to get the most out of your business investment, your information systems need to adapt and grow with you, and most importantly, in alignment with your direction.  Coupled with the fact that running IT systems comes with risks that come in various forms such as; change management, cyber vulnerabilities, competing vendor visions, external and internal threats….  

Our advisors have extensive expertise in the solutions landscape, evaluating competing ideas, resolving conflicts, and creating solutions for clients. We are the guide as you navigate through the complex systems, risks, business continuity issues, resilience, recovery. competing ideas, and vendors relations where we represent your interests.  

We are a strategic IT business advisory group with cross-industry expertise

Our Business Model is built to emulate the role of a fee only financial advisor.  We are an independent Business and IT advisory service.  We do NOT receive any vendor money and our work with your business is completely unbiased with only YOUR interest as primary. We are not here to push a solution but to apply fundamental thinking to both your old problems and new opportunities.

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With that in mind, we helped develop Mission Control IT Services, LLC. (MSCIX) as a security, implementation, and managed services provider. MSCIX’s team and operations are built in accordance with FSCIX methods and procedures.

Starting on January 1, 2024, FSCIX advisory clients have an option to maintain the continuity of thought throughout their IT lifecycle.