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You are interested in securing your information systems and aligning them to your business in a resilient way

In order to grow your business, your information systems need to grow with you, and most importantly, in alignment with your direction.  For some businesses, the status quo is no longer viable where new realities demand change. You need a new way of doing things and you need your people on-board.

Coupled with the fact that running systems for any business comes with risks.  So,  when things go wrong, you need a working plan to get back on your feet as fast as possible.

We are the guide as you navigate through the complex security, systems, and business continuity issues.  We help evaluate your risks to ensure continuity and growth in your business.

At times, it’s easier to look at a problem as an outsider. See the bigger picture through expertise, understanding the solutions landscape, evaluating competing ideas and resolving conflicts.  This often involves designing new solutions and getting your existing projects on-track. We’ll help you make those decisions, manage the implementations, and at times negotiate on your behalf.

We are a strategic IT business consulting and advisory group with cross-industry expertise

Our Business Model is built to emulate the role of a fee only financial advisor.  But we do our work for your business.  We do NOT receive any vendor money and our work with your business is completely unbiased with only YOUR interest as primary. We are not here to push a solution but to apply fundamental thinking to both your old problems and new opportunities.


As of January 1, 2024, Mission Control IT Services, LLC is now our sister company that helps implement our solutions. It is a security and managed services provider with a team that implements and operationalizes secure systems for clients. We worked very closely with the MSCIX team to develop a multilayered offering that is now the standard base offering of the company.

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