About FSCiX

Dot every I swoosh every X

We are a strategic IT business consulting and advisory group with cross-industry expertise

Our Business Model is built to emulate the role of a fee only financial advisor.  But our work focuses on your business from and Information Technology perspective.  We do NOT receive any vendor money and our work with your business is completely unbiased with only YOUR interest as primary.

We are not here to push a solution but to apply fundamental thinking to both your old problems and new opportunities.

The pursuit is always on what truly matters: you, your people, and your customers. Everything else—IT, software, and systems—serves these, including our choice to not be affiliated and biased with any vendors.

We are a mirror to help you see clearly those various components of your business and help you stack them together to make something unique, one that plays to your people’s strengths. This may mean new IT, change to a business process, or it may be a subtle shift that has ripple effects throughout the business.

What You Should Expect

It starts with a discovery of who you are and what you experience as an organization and as individuals. It’s about understanding where you are and where you are headed, then to define the roadmap that will get you there.

Communication is a big theme. Getting the perspectives of many people throughout the organization will grant us greater resolution on the road ahead.

Let’s start by getting to know each other.

Our Founding