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Advisory and Board Solutions

We will serve on advisory and corporate boards, bringing an outside perspective to your organization

Owner Representation

When many differing interests are represented, a skilled negotiator can get the project back-on-track.

Risk Assessment & Business Continuity

Better data allows you to make better decisions. Knowing what to look for is half the battle. What do you do when things go south?

No IT project comes in on-time and within budget, so what can you do to understand and mitigate those risks?


Meet some of our startup clients

You have a great new service or product to bring to market. You’ve done some market research, maybe a proof of concept, and you’re just about ready to hit the ground running.

Or maybe you’ve invested in a venture and are looking for help to reach its potential.

You bring your idea and we’ll bring our experience. Together, we will reach your goal of a successful launch, bringing something new to the market.

We’ll work together to give your startup the best shot at success. If your project has an IT component, we should talk.