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We have nothing to sell you until we understand where you are and where you are headed. Our clients are companies with demanding objectives with bottom line results. Let’s start the conversation!

Owner Representation

Businesses need competent Owner Representation when they are embarking on a new project. With many pieces, directions, and vendors, we are hired to represent the client interest in working with these parties. On occasion, we are asked to help when a project is flying off the rails, and help is needed to correct the trajectory.

IT and Data Strategy

IT is the only modern tool to implement any business strategy. Therefore, we work with clients to ensure their strategies are "IT"able and can be implemented. With the proliferation of malware, we have been helping clients design data strategies that prevent loss in case of attack.

Startup Businesses

We bring to startups a combination of our Strategic Consulting and Customer Cloud Solutions. We mentor, develop strategy, and help the entrepreneur execute their strategic plan.

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